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Andrea from Dundee  England walking one day, man stopped me told me he was into fetish sex which I though what is fetish sex?

I held his head down onto my cunt so she could barely breathe

pulled a dress which was a lovely pink colour ,he told me to jump in the car and put it on? I said what is fetish? put this on he said ,it was latex under bust spanking dress I felt horny, spanked me hard until my arse went red ,fetish from then was great never went back to normal sex at all every week we have types of fetish sex fetish phone sex is my game try me I am really bizarre  in fetish sex, dial me for fetish sex honey.

I wanted her tongue in my cunt again so I Manoeuvred myself so then I was laying on the floor and I told him to part my pussy lips with his tongue and push that tongue deep inside my dripping wet cunt adult phone sex chatline .

I held his head down onto my cunt so she could barely breathe, and I told him to lick adult phone sex chatline

 He repeatedly thanked me for letting him do this, adult phone sex chatline

 I told him to shut the fucking mouth and I stuffed my dirty panties into his mouth so he couldn’t speak adult phone sex chatline 

I told him to suck on those panties while he fingered my cunt and arse adult phone sex chatline

 I spurted me cum juice everywhere until he was slipping and sliding in it adult phone sex chatline .

Sometimes we have a male friend who likes to listen to us while he is on the phone and we can hear in wanking his cock adult phone sex chatline Afterwards she thanks me and tells me how much she enjoyed my cunt adult phone sex chatline.

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